Found 23rd Nov 2010
this email has been sent from my account to everyone in my contacts list.

what can i do to avoid this happens again?

Dear friend:
How is everything going recently?
I want to introduce you a great company not only because it has good-quality electronic products but also their cheapest price. They can offer your need such like GPS,cell phones ,TV LCD,MP3/4 ,PSP, motorcycles,etc...
The website is :♂
Email:[email protected]
MSN:[email protected]
I guarantee you’ll have a good mood by shopping here .

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wow site is awesome thanks op!

Ordered a new phone, HOT!!

I guarantee you’ll have a good mood by shopping here




Ordered a new phone, HOT!!

My mood has improved also! FOR FREE

Do they do Viagra too?

Get some decent anti-virus software

Despatched email already!! Wow!


they said they've been overwhelmed with orders so I had to send payment again to their Nigerian branch. Hope they receive it this time.

Heads up: Do ppg and you get a "mystery prize" CAN'T WAIT!

Original Poster

lol, ha ha, very funny.

looks like i escaped litely.

these guys got their passwords changed.…ts/

Change your password to something more difficult to guess.

Original Poster

my password already contains letters and numbers. thought i was safe.

1. Run FULL virus scan. Use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes if you don't already have anti-virus/spyware.
2. Change password
3. Change secret question and answer <------ make sure it's something difficult!

They probably got into your account by using a keylogger, a phishing site or just brute force cracking your password / secret Q answer...

I get these emails all the time from an old friends email.Should i tell her that i'm getting them?

I get similar from a few people. They know of it and have changed details but they still happen.


my password already contains letters and numbers. thought i was safe.

Do you use the same email / password combination to log on to web sites?

Many of us use the our email address to log on to web sites, and use the SAME password as we use on our email address to log on to these web sites.

So everytime you logon on to a web site you are "giving away" your email address / password combination. A dodgy web site could capture this information and use it to log on to your hotmail account to send out spam.

Make sure the password you use for your email is NEVER used to logon to any web sites.
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