Hotmail website down?

    Is the hotmail website down?
    I've tried to log in a few times but just get a maintenance message - anyone else got this?



    working fine for me

    Just tried it and working fine:thumbsup:

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    Thanks, it seemed strange this time of day to do maintenance! Now to figure out what to do...message is:

    We're doing some maintenance to improve the service. We apologize for getting in your way. Please try again in a few minutes. If it's been more than an hour, tell us you're still waiting.

    I haven't checked my emails in 3 days - it feels like I'm getting withdrawl symptoms lol.

    Have you tried getting to hotmail through msn

    hotmail is working
    however Virgin isn't .................

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    Have you tried getting to hotmail through msn

    Will try that now - thanks. I'm wondering if it's having trouble as I'm abroad on hols, but it's so shouldn't make a difference. Paypal I'd understand not being happy with a foreign ip address, but not hotmail!

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    Nope, the msn route didn't work - I'll have to try again tomorrow.

    Thanks for help, all repped.

    Mine is working too. Although i did have a dubious message from paypal saying someone has tried to hijack my account
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