hotpoint large products come with 10yr guarantee back dated to products less then 10yrs old

    just found this out on our 6 yr old washing machine. hotpoint are offering a 10 yr parts guarantee. not quite a freebie as fitting is not included. just pop into your local washing machine repair shop who will quote to fit it. was going to suggust to them i would it the part myself but for the price i let them do it.…tee


    Surely if they are offering a 10 year parts guarantee it is only through their own Indesit service network, i.e. very high labour charges. Many repairs will be cheaper from independent repair companies.

    However if they will actually supply a part to the end user without involving their service network that is pretty good I have to admit.

    That'll be £160 sir.

    They will not supply the part/s, they will only fit them at an inflated price.

    Not worth the paper it is printed on.

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    well new motor was fitted by a local hotpoint approved fitter. i asked if it could supply only and he said dont worry he would fit it for free as he made money by billing hotpoint
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