Hotpoint vs Bosch tumble dyer?

Found 16th Nov 2014
I'm looking to buy a black condenser tumble dryer for a max budget of close to £400.

At the moment I've narrowed it down to:

- Hotpoint SUTCD97B6KM (9Kg, B rated, 1 year warranty + 10 year parts); or
- Bosch WTE863B2GB (7kg, B rated, 2 year warranty).

The Hotpoint can take 2kg more of clothes so I'm leaning on that, and also they have a promotion where you get a small appliance (but the small appliances are low quality judging by reviews so not really worth much).

I know Bosch has a better reputation and Hotpoint an average or poor one, but it's difficult to know if this applies to tumble dryers or these specific models.

So does anyone have a good idea about which brand would be better?

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I used to work in Currys when I was 17 (7 years ago) and Hotpoint was often complained about and always breaking down. Bosch was on the more dearer side but never complained about. I don't know about the present but Bosch would be the safer bet in terms of reliability and quality.
Bosch, Simple.

Hotpoint won't last very long.

Also to note the 10 year parts warranty is a shame, Call out charge of over £100 each time.
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Bosch are known to be more reliable, but Hotpoint probably makes 10 for every 1 unit Bosch does so the customer satisfaction levels would be more widely reported, disregard the 10 year parts warranty Hotpoint have, you still have to pay the labour which is expensive, if it were me I would go for the Bosch, but one thing I will say is that condenser dryers don't get good reviews on the likes of Which magazine due to them not being very efficient.
Imo having had Hotpoint products they are built to last.... .....about 13 months from the day you buy them. Slight exaggeration but I would never touch Hotpoint ever again. Bosch I'd buy all day.
bosch or miele
I think Hotpoint are now owned by some cheap Chinese company, they used to be well respected many years ago but like all top brands they have now sold their soul to the devil and are just cheap tat like all the other cheap brands out there.
Bosch, no questions asked.
Bosch every time

although this Siemens one was a WHICH best buy

I bet the op buys the Hotpoint anyway lol
Bosch FTW

My washing machine is 15 years old and still going strong (_;)
Many thanks for the responses guys.

The main consideration I have is that whilst I can see complaints about Hotpoint reliability are widespead, this specific dryer is from the higher end of their range of products. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Probably not lol.

Additionally, I've heard Bosch might have recently outsourced their production to factories in China, but not sure if this is true. It's all very murky territory lol. Not that I think anything made in China is necessarily bad.

However, I will be going for Bosch primarily because if the callout charges really are £100+ then that 10 year parts warranty looks far less appealing.

Cheers all.
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