Hotspot from 5G phone Vs 4G/5G router

Posted 27th Sep 2022
Can anyone shed some light on the major differences between hotspotting from a 5G phone, versus a 4G/5G mobile router, for use as mobile broadband?

1) Are upload/download speeds slower when hotspotting from a 5G phone compared to a dedicated 4G/5G router?
2) Do mobile hotspots have connectivity issues, e.g. do they frequently disconnect in the middle of use or anything like that?
3) Are 5G routers unneccesary if you have a 5G capable phone? I have a pixel 5 (second phone) that could be used purely for hotspotting, that would potentially save me hundreds of pounds if it could save me from buying a 5G router which tend to be very pricey.

I'm needing to set myself up with mobile broadband in a small apartment for the next 10 months. I'm not overly concerned about the coverage extending particularly far (beyond around 7-8 metres)

Any help anyone could provide would be massively appreciated. Cheers
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