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sorry if this has been asked before but i couldnt find it if it has. in the last few days ive been using the new site layout which is ok. but since ive been using it , whether linked or just coincidental i have been getting a lot of emails from HUKD . all the same email may i add with hottest of the day but do i really need to get it 10 times in a few hours ? is there a setting i can change to stop it ? thanks in advance

edit: cant get image to show here is a link…b87
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me too
Me today also.
Yup same
I think I've had seven today!
I got 10 copies between 12:00 AND 14:00 today. That should be enough probably.
And me. Also where did the feedback tab go?
redcantona4th Aug 2017

And me. Also where did the feedback tab go?

For Feedback you need to scroll down until you see the "Scroll to bottom" message bar then click it then you will see Feedback

That said I just had a quick look before finding this thread and from what I see

I'll also add a

me too

Edited by: "philphil61" 4th Aug 2017
Me too!! 10 emails today all with the same hot deals. Only 2 yesterday.
Hukd has gone downhill as no one is posting deals.
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