Hotukdeals on Amazon Kindle

Found 24th Dec 2010
I am Hotukdealing on an Amazon kindle today. it is greyscale tastic. just wondering if anyone else uses their kindle to surf the site, or any other unusual devices?
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I've tried it on the Kindle e-ink works wonders but I do miss the colours! Writing this from my Blackberry!
I quite like the black and white - it makes for an interesting change!
Writing this from my phone.
Typing this with my feet! Does this count?
typing this by mind control
I am speaking this with voice recognition
Fire fox now supports voice recognition in windows seven
managed this from my vhs video recorder, i knew it would come in handy one day.
i am typing this left handed
im typing this with my cat
My cat likes iPad, not kindle..

My cat likes iPad, not kindle..

my cat doesnt exist

My Shinigami loves apple


My cat likes iPad, not kindle..

does the kindle have a full browser then?

My Shinigami loves apple

which one is yours?

Writing this from my iPod touch .

which one is yours?
Have constructed this message out of leftover turkey and placed it on a flatbed scanner
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