HotUKDeals Photoshopping competition - VOTE HERE PLEASE!

    As the…921 Photoshopping competition was so popular (we had over 200 entries), we have decided to narrow it down to 20 of the best, for you to cast your votes on. The winner will receive a Sony DSC-S650 CyberShot 7mp Digital Camera!!

    We'll post these in alphabetical order of the usernames, just to be fair. Voting will end on Tuesday the 7th of August , 2007 at 9pm . If there happens to be a tie at that time, it will be admin's decision on extending the voting period, as there can only be one winner!!

    Note: if an image appears to be missing from the above, just refresh the page, and it should be ok Thanks for voting!!


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    professor yaffle:





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    Great competition, loved some of the entries. My top 3 are AnywhereButHere, Soph and Proximo. Still cant decide on my favourite from those 3.

    I'm honestly struggling to vote, All entries deserve the camera!

    Were am i meant to look on MadBob's picture?


    Were am i meant to look on MadBob's picture?

    It's like a game.


    I'm honestly struggling to vote, All entries deserve the camera!

    I know. I almost cried when we were dropping some of my favourites from the shortlist. :giggle:

    aww i wasn't shortlisted o well.

    Now, who to choose... hmm


    Were am i meant to look on MadBob's picture?

    On the left hand door i think

    Aww, I didn't make the list

    Also having a hard time deciding which to vote for, a bunch of the ones I thought were a cert didn't make it but there's still too many good ones to choose from.

    Think I am going to go for professor yaffle's one as that's the exact idea I had (I even had the same images saved from google image searches for 'flag on moon' and 'rocket' lol), but then I think I might just cry if it goes on to win!!

    hmm decisions decisions

    Ok first of all any more complaints can we put in another thread because that is absolutely not the point of this thread.

    The whole comp is for FUN! If your pic wasn't in the short list sorry but that's the way it goes?! There was 200 entries we can't fit them all in a poll. All the mods made a short list and then we put any that were mentioned more than once in this short list.

    There's ones that I liked that aren't in here too. The point is not whether it is perfect to your taste but if the process itself was fair which I think it was.

    As for many new members appearing...NO attention was given to whether it was a senior member or note when choosing pics and I sure hope no-one is going to vote or choose because of that.

    So keep in the spirit of this which is to have some fun and if you want to whinge start a thread in Comments and we'll move the whingers and conspiracy theorists in there.

    For everyone else - THANKS for your entries!!! It's been super fun and if we had a prize for everyone then everyone would get it. It's been great to see the originality and talent coming from members both old and new. And to the many new members who took the jump into posting because of this comp - WELCOME HERE


    You seem very stressed for a monday morning........

    Ps. Wheres my entry...... (fix..... fix.....)
    PPS. Some very good entries - but as soon as I saw it.... its gotta be hotfuzz - stands out by far..... well done to all those that made the efford to enter and a big thanks to those who are organising it...

    Stuggling to vote here too, are we voting for technical excellence or the one that made us laugh the most?

    My technically favourite ones:


    Ones that made me laugh the most:

    professor yaffle

    Silverfox would win for technical excellence and MonkeyHugger has to win for funniest pic. Just my opinion. Thanks for all entries, they were pretty much all of a high standard.


    On the left hand door i think

    Yellow/red poster on top-left side of window - possibly.


    Tiny poster on left-hand side of window - possibly.

    Yeah, couldn't get it until someone said look at left hand door. Really difficult to see! Nice idea but could probably have found a better picture to do it on and maybe a bigger space for the poster.

    Looking at it again after voting I have to say that I agree with the current leader (although not who I voted for!). Very good indeed.

    where is the pound coin one? that was class.


    where is the pound coin one? that was class.

    Hehe, that was in my top 23, then my top 15 but I had to drop it in favour of some others. It was tough shortlisting, hehe.


    I like Twist and jah128, the rest are of excellent quality as well, I think this should become an annual feature, about this time of the year, this will give the 'team' enough time to procure another great prize for next year. :giggle:

    Some peoples talents are just shining through, seems like some of the spammer were not just able to master it, like me :whistling: (is there any courses for PS going cheap in the deals section?)

    [SIZE=6]Well Done [/SIZE][SIZE=4]to all the finalists :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]PS What does MSE stand for? - Make Someone Excited :w00t: [/SIZE]


    [SIZE=2]PS What does MSE stand for? - Make Some Excited :w00t: [/SIZE]

    Please tell me that with 3,998 posts you know what MSE stands for???


    where is the pound coin one? that was class.

    Glad it got a mention

    I wasn't sure weather we were striving for comedy, uniqueness or photoshop-ing excellence.

    I think my votes going on the sizzling steak - I'm surprised it has so few votes.

    Some great entries glad its a closed poll as there were a couple that I wanted to vote for, and had to choose just one!

    The picture by wok0 as it makes sense as they are matches after all

    Yeah they were all very good and to choose just one from the shortlist is very difficult

    Good bit of fun this! :thumbsup:

    Cast my vote, very difficult!

    I do think the 'Hot Fuzz' one is excellent, but I don't think its neccessarily fair if that one wins as Xre obviously has better Photoshop knowhow to make something of this standard, it's also the idea that counts (and, must say that I would prefer it if a more active member won :thumbsup:

    (Please don't take offence Xre, just wanted to get my point across, nothing personal! :friends:)

    I went for Bookie's bus one, I just find the idea simple, but genius - can't believe it's got so few votes!

    All good fun and look how many new posters we have.:thumbsup:

    I do enjoy these comps and had several more ideas after posting my pic., so it's just as well we were restricted to only one entry per member.

    I think all of the entries were good and don't envy those who had to choose the finalists. I am finding it difficult to decide which one to vote for.:?

    Voted for tcav85's Hopper painting, as I am often a 'Nighthawk' surfing for deals late into the small hours.

    I had a tough time deciding who was going to get my vote. I was going to vote for the Hot (fuzz) Deals one, but decided against it as it appears to be running away with it and also one small gripe, being that the screen they are looking at must be reversed as the reflection in the glasses is the right way round. :whistling:

    But seriously, I'm amazed at how many people came crawling out of the woodwork for this comp. I'm not annoyed by it, but probably will be if the winner just takes the prize and then vanishes into lurkerville again.

    But well done to all. There are some fantastic efforts out there. I've enjoyed this comp :thumbsup:

    Chuffed to have made Top 20 and thanks to my voters!!

    Casey2901 yours may not have been executed the best "Photoshop® wise" but it sure was shere brilliance, and well thought out... laughed for ages and got my vote.

    Some cracking entries. Good luck all!

    yeah, i'm in the top20! :w00t:

    Thanks to the ppl who voted for me, i have no chance of winning against so many great entries, but it was great fun nonetheless :thumbsup:


    yeah, i'm in the top20! :w00t: Thanks to the ppl who voted for me, i have … yeah, i'm in the top20! :w00t: Thanks to the ppl who voted for me, i have no chance of winning against so many great entries, but it was great fun nonetheless :thumbsup:

    Your's was my second favourite, very funny, well done.

    My saving private ryan one was good

    just not good enough....

    Tbh there were much better ones than the ones chosen

    Original Poster


    Tbh there were much better ones than the ones chosen

    Tbh there were over 200 entries and we had to narrow it down. Again, if you have complaints about the competition, this is not the thread for them - please move it to the thread in comments forum.

    This is supposed to be a happy thread!!! :whistling:

    There may have been, but what is done is done...

    I knew the Hot Fuzz job would be up there and in all honesty, that person deserves the camera.

    Not only does he seem to be up on his graphic design, he nudges it in his favour by choosing something simple, but effective.
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