HotUKDeals site not displaying on Chrome

Posted 8th Apr 2021
Hi All,

Not sure if this would be the correct place for this - But I couldn't find anywhere else that seemed appropriate. Nor could I find anything on Google.

When I try to open up ANY page on HotUKDeals (using my Chrome browser) the whole site is 'greyed out', and I am unable to click on any links or hit "Esc" or anything.

When I open it on another browser, I see that it is asking to accept cookies in a pop-up. I am pretty sure this is what is causing the issue - Chrome is, for some reason, greying out the site but not showing the wee popup that allows me to accept the cookies.

I know I could just use the site on another browser, but I like Chrome. Lol. And when I click on links from the email shot, etc, it opens in Chrome and it's frustrating to have to open a different browser for just this.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, feel free to let me know if this isn't the place for a question like this.

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