HotUkDeals Website Layout - Help Wanted!

Basically I would like to create a site in the vein of the way HUKD is laid out. (Don't worry, its not a rival site, just something completely different that could use the same layout :))

It needs users to be able to post articles with text in them and have users rate that "article" like users can vote Hot or Cold here.

I know this site uses VBulletin but that costs 50 quid a year! Can I achieve what I want using phpbb or is there a cheaper way of constructing something?

Many Thanks for any help! :thumbsup:


vBulletin doesn't actually have anything to do with the rating etc. Have you looked at any open source (free) CMS like Joomla? That might do what you want.

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Nope, haven't looked at that but will do now you've mentioned it. So the rating is just extra code implemented on top of vbulletin?

Joomla is content management so from what you're saying it is what you would want. Take a look at it, it's quite simple to use.

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I'll take a peek. Their demo of the software is down at the moment though.

I basically want something like HUKD but for users to submit text entries, then users can rate them and comment on them. It doesn't have to have the bells and whistles of HUKD, just the core stuff like that.
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