house alarm and home security-recommendations required

hey everyone

wanted some advice from people in relation to the different types of house alarms available and advantages/disadvantages of the ones people have.

also would like some ideas on types of home security cameras. don't want some uber system but something relatively easy to operate/install. I was erring towards plug and play systems but then they seem to be too simple? its just 3 cameras I'd need. 2 at the front of the house and one at the back. ability to Live see the camera from wherever I am is essential.

the house is getting rewired so best time to do it I suppose. just don't know where to start really, whats available etc.


just advice on cameras. Be discreet, if there is any trouble scum just wear hoodies. I have a couple of hidden bullet cameras outside and most are inside such as kitchen.

I've got my own company so I'll give you a few tips...
Phone around for quotes and stay with local firms.
Make sure you understand what your getting for the package and haggle.
I'm a registered installer for Texecom systems and I have to say the reason why I only fit Texecom is because their support for both professional and end users is very good as is their equipment.

So go for Texecom and don't go for the flashy keypads as it's a waste of money and does the exact same thing. (assuming you've got a budget)

and cameras go for something that will stand out. people will walk past your house and realise that cameras are present. you want to deter people not setup a secret cctv system.
put a sticker on your front and back doors saying you have 24 hour surveillance that's another deterrent.
hook the system to your mobile phone too.

sorry for the formatting I'm using my mobile.

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