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Found 19th May 2015
I have just purchased 2 new pir sensors for our house alarm. Just took the front off the old sensor to check the wiring and they are labeled up slightly different. Going to try and upload the 2 different photos and if anybody could advise the correct wiring I would be most grateful.
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T1/T2 will be the tamper switch.

'+' = 'V+' and
'-' = 'V-'
Yellow Wire = 'C'
Blue Wire = 'N.C'
Red Wire = 'V+'
Black Wire = 'V-'
Green Wire = 'T1 or T2' (either terminal)
White Wire = 'T1 or T2' (either terminal)
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So:Yellow Wire = 'C'Blue Wire = 'N.C'Red Wire = 'V+'Black Wire = … So:Yellow Wire = 'C'Blue Wire = 'N.C'Red Wire = 'V+'Black Wire = 'V-'Green Wire = 'Tamper' (either terminal)White Wire = 'Tamper' (either terminal)

Thanks a lot 118luke, it was the green and white I was unsure of but that's cleared it up. Much appreciated.
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OK so I have wired 1 no problem apart from very fiddly trying to feed wires out of the old sensor and in to the new 1, oh and blowing a fuse in the control panel. I have 1 more to do, if the wires do touch will it just blow another fuse(and cause no damage) just wondering because it would be a lot easier just to group the wires together and feed it through.
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