House Alarm Sensors - Pet Suitable ?

    I recently got a puppy and as she sleeps downstairs I now cant put my house alarm on as she moves around and sets it off! I am sure there are sensors you can get that accomodate pets, (she's only going to be a small dog) but rather than call out the alarm company I was wondering if we could buy one ourselves and just swap it over. Our current system is citadel and around 4 years old, we have 4 motion sensors attached, I tried just disconnecting the one in the back room with the dog, but the alarm shows the tamper signal and will not set.

    Any ideas where I can buy one and if I should be able to swop it myself?


    my house alarm has movement sensors but in the room where my puppy sleeps (the kitchen) there is only a door sensor which only operates when the door opens. maybe you can replace your movement one for a door one. the ones I have are actually fitted in the door but you can get them which stick to the door.
    hope that helps!

    Can you not tell your alarm to omit the sensor in the room that your dog is in? We just set ours and tell it to omit say zone 1, meaning that it ignores the sensor in the hall, but all the others are used and set.

    How about simply covering the sensor in the back room where the dog is? Or even, with some trial and error, covering the lower half so that the dogs movement does not trigger the alarm but the movement of the door into the room opening does trigger it?

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    We really do not want to lose alarm cover in that room completley if we can help it, so perhaps seeing if my hubby can adjust the sensor would be more ideal....its just that I was sure there was a different type of sensor you can get that accomodates pets, its just I dont know what its called or where to buy them from.

    Maybe I should just call the alarm company and ask for advice over the phone, that way I shouldn't have the call out charge...if I word it as "I was thinking of getting a dog, what could I do" etc

    Thanks for your help/ideas

    How about...

    ]PIR only

    ]PIR and Microwave

    I'm in a similar situation with a cat. From what I've read online it looks like most alarm sensors are interchangeable, but I wouldn't like to say for sure.

    In am an electrical engineer. You can get sepecial sensors for use with pets, but you need an engineer to install it, in my view. I have had numerous situations where this type work is done by a DIYer only for them them to call out an alarm engineer as the whole system is now not working.

    Also you do need to do some basic checks on an alarm system every 12 months, this includes checks on the condition of the standby batteries, whcih is a vital check.

    Anyway here goes:

    First of all put the senosr back, make sure none of the wires touch, and the lid fits well, or you will have a further problem. Then reset the alarm using your customer code, this should clear the tamper if you done it right.

    If you clear the tamper, then as a temp mesure you could put some masking tape at the bottom and top of the senor leaving a slot of about 15mm this will stop detecion at floor level, while giving some cover.

    This will only work if the sensor is a passive infra red (PIR), which is the most likely one for this type of system. If it a dual tech with PIR and mircowave it wont work.

    good luck

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    Thanks so much, we managed to get the brand make from our sensor, and looked it up on their website (so it matches the others). Its a visonic duo pet tolerant pir sensor, we ordered it from a website it was around £30, and we're gonna have a go at changing it ourselves when it arrives......with the alarm engineer on standby if it fails!!

    Thanks for your help and suggestions, rep added

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    Well it arrived today, there was a little chipboard inside that connects to the 8 wires, and this comes out so you can screw the back of the sensor to the wall, I took it out and put the chipboard of the new one in and re-connected the wires...hey presto works just perfectly and I didnt even have to take the old unit off the wall...hubby will be well impressed with me when he gets home!!
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