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Found 23rd Aug 2017

the couple buying our home have had a surveyor come out and provide a valuation for home. They're now having searches done. What's the likelihood of them having a structural survey completed? When I bought the house I had a valuation and survey conducted together, rather than paying separately .


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They might do.
Then again they might not do.
I don't really know them.
I'd suggest they'll see what the valuation report says - whether it highlights any areas of concern of anything requiring further investigation.

I used to pay for a survey and then realised the lowest cost valuation is generally what most people/properties need.
Doesn't really matter, if something showed up on your survey and you don't tell them about it they could take you to court years later. Best to be as honest as possible with that sort of thing. Naturally with most things you only have tell them if they ask but something so importent could land on your head.
structural surveys are the most in depth one and would only be carried out in this case if they felt it was needed from the survey they have already done. it is probably best that they carry out the structural survey as that way they can see exactly what they are buying and they can't blame you for not telling them about structural issues.
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