House buying, vendor still living in it...

    Not sure what you would do. But the house is officially mine, but the vendor needs one more month. The house insurance already started.
    What would you do?
    He said he has some interviews for a place to rent.
    Is this common or is he trying to delay it?


    charge him rent for the month why should he live there a month and pay no rent

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    Its one of those divorce houses, he had enough time. Not sure what he's trying.
    Could I exchange the locks?

    Sounds like he is essentially squatting.…iew
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    Be careful, what has your solicitor said, surly it should have been vacant on completion!

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    I will call them on Monday.

    Most standard docs between solicitor would mean out on set date, anything more and you can bill them

    Just move in and pretend he's not there.


    Just move in and pretend he's not there.

    This made me laugh!

    OP speak to your solicitor, I think this man is pulling a fast one, he's had enough notice to find somewhere else, he wants free rent for a month.

    Go around to speak to him nicely, maybe try and get him to make you a cup of tea or something. When you have been there 20 mins or so have a friend knock at the front door. When he answers, push him out and slam the door on him (put the snip on) call the police if he tries to get back in.


    yeah he should be gone to be honest, if he wasnt ready he should of delayed completion date. looks like hes trying to get free rent

    If there was a fire (god forbid) after he left the cooker on etc etc its your house. You will have lost everything and would still be paying for it. Get him out asap.

    And yes you can change the locks, its your house. Seriously, call the police and tell them you dont want him there.


    next time he goes out change the locks

    All the money has changed hands, the house is yours and he needs to be gone. Get the locks changed and your solicitor needs to talk to his solicitor asap.


    And yes you can change the locks, its your house. Seriously, call the … And yes you can change the locks, its your house. Seriously, call the police and tell them you dont want him there.

    Police wont do anything its a civil matter! You need to ask him to leave go and see your solicitor if this does not work and he could stay there for months!
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    I cannot believe you or your solicitor have allowed this to happen.

    Did the contracts state vacant possession upon completion?

    You should have viewed the property and satisfied it was vacant only then allow your solicitor to transfer the completion money.

    Get this joker out of YOUR property a.s.a.p.

    So you are paying all the utility bills while he is living in your house!
    It now looks like you are a landlord to a un paying lodger.You need to call up your solicitor and ask advise or go to Citizen Advise. He is a squatter and thats going to take ages to get him out.
    I would do what someone said,wait till he goes out and change the locksyou only need to change the barrels of a lock.Then put all his stuff outside

    As long all the legal stuff is sorted then it's your house end of day.

    No formal agreement has been made between you & the freeloading vendor to suggest he can stay after the official house exchange date so change the locks when vendor steps out. The law is on your side.

    Get a few burly mates round to pack all his crap & dump them front of house with a duty of care. Have a weeks house warming party while this happens with the burly mates.

    Double your mortgage payment in rent would be a start! What a cheeky vendor! Speak to your solicitor, get them to deal with it.

    As above ^^^ send the boys around.Some people just take the pixx.Your obviously a placid type of person op.If someone did that to me and my family I would be going mental.Your solicitor needs a kick up the arsenal , you've paid for them and they have dropped you in the poo.

    go round knock on door ask him to step outside while someone going in through backdoor get them to lock it all up problem solved

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    Thanks everybody, I appreciate the advice.

    See your solicitor and check what the contract said. I am guessing it said vacant possession upon completion, in which case you can hold the seller in breach of contract.

    The quickest and easiest way to solve it will be to change all the locks when he goes out.

    Also as you cannot use the property while Roger the Free Lodger is there you need compensation to stay in a decent hotel until the matter is resolved.


    I'd do nothing, that what I'd would have paid my solicitor to do!
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