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Found 22nd Jul
Hi all

I've just bought an apartment which came with integrated kitchen appliances and the fridge doesn't work, is there anything I can do, as In regarding the vendor sorting this?
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Just buy an integrated fridge. Have a look on Currys.
Have you checked the fuse and socket? And contacted the vendor? And checked any switches over the work surfaces

Yes. It should be working unless the vendor declared it dead. If you have a friendly solicitor who wont charge more than the cost of a new fridge, get a letter written. Or write yourself.

Otherwise suck it up
If you didn’t negotiate separately for the appliances I would just accept it and replace it. It’s going to cost a lot more to try and get any recompense from the vendor if you get a solicitor involved.
If you paid separately for fixtures and fittings. Especially if they were broken out to offset any stamp duty costs. Then certainly ask about it, vendor first.
Could easily be they turned it off and never said where. At least that way you can gauge their reaction.
There's probably an isolation switch for the fridge at the top just above the counter. Not sure many places would leave a fridge/freezer on when the apartment is empty.
The fixtures and fittings would not be normally included in the purchase price (unless explicity included in the contract ) therefore you have no comeback . Rather like the curtains ,carpets and lightshades being removed by the vendor prior to you moving in (a very common occurrence ).

I suspect that even if you agreed to purchase the appliances separately it would not be part of the "sale" so would be viewed as "sold as seen " .
Is it a new build, if so then all the kit would come with warranties
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