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Found 4th Apr 2006
My girlfriend and I are buying our first property together. Moving out of rented accommodation into a nice Victorian Terrace.

Our seller, lets call her Miss A is moving out and moving into a new property with her Partner, lets call him Mr B. Mr B is also selling his house to move into a new house with Miss A.

When we originally saw the property and had our offer accepted we went round to see the property to discuss the plans for moving etc etc. Miss A offers to move out of the property to stay with her Mother so we trot off happily thinking we have a pretty much guaranteed move in date. We in return offer to look after some of her possessions in the new house until she's sorted.

Fast forward a month our solicitor is asking her solicitor for the draft contract. Hes delayed and delayed until he finally finds out that Miss A hasnt instructed her solicitor to send the contract and will not until Mr B has an accepted offer and so will not be moving out.

This leaves us in a fun situation as we handed in our notice (2 months notice, one month remaining) on our rental property when Miss A stated that she could move out and live with her mother. This she is saying was just a possibility not an agreement as we were told by her at our last viewing.

Weve got a mortgage offer, had a survey done and got everything in place and are 100% committed to buying the property.

So what do we do? She says that she doesnt want to end up without a home indefinitely without somewhere to go but is quite happy for us to wait indefinitely for Mr B to find a buyer!

The sod in me feels like we should just pull out as why should we be involved in a property sale that doesnt involve us? (Mr Bs house).

Anyone ever experienced anything similar?

Advice for a first time buyer?

So far it's sat with the Estate Agent telling Miss A that unless she is willing to leave (either to stay with her Mum or Mr B) we will be seriously considering whether to pull out or not.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of buying a house in the UK.

I think the system here is really open to abuse, and stress..... not just for the buyer, but also in a lot of cases for the sellers.

I wanted to move into a house that was EMPTY, and could not do so until the sale completed, twice I had to ask my landlord for an extension on my lease, but as I was buying for cash, I had not taken a risk and paid for the full survey or other costs..

If you have already paid for this, then you will be seriously out of pocket, so it may be as well to hang in there for now..

The system in SA was much less stressful, when the sale is agreed a contract is signed, possibly with conditions,ie subject to a mortgage offer, and a date for the move agreed..

If the sale is registered before or after this date, the other party pays rent on a pro-rate basis until you move.

The joy is you know months in advance the exact date that you will be moving, and that your sale is not totally reliant on a idiot at the end of chain, who could pull out right at the end and hardly incure any penelty.

All the best in your move, and enjoy your new home (when you get in).

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Agreed - it's certainly stressful. The poor estate agent secretary got quite an ear bashing!

We paid for a Home condition report which was only £200 more than a valuation report which the mortgage company required anyway so we're not that out of pocket.

Had a chat with my g/f and decided to see if we can get Miss A to commit to moving out once Mr B has an offer on his. Without this commitment we're walking.

There is one final option....>>>here<<< :pirate:

^Hmmm....no wonder he got banned from that board.


^Hmmm....no wonder he got banned from that board.

did he?!!??? that message did sound kind of serious...

hope you get sorted, we put our house on the market a year ago when we decided to move nearer to family as we were expecting our second child. the events of the last year are so ridiculous you may wonder if they are true but i assure you they are.

within the first week of the house going on the market we had accepted and offer of the asking price, we put in an offer on new house but were advised not to instruct surveyors until our buyers had started mortgage process.
a week later had another offer, cash but 10k below asking price so laughed and said nick off!! only to find out 4 weeks later that our original buyers had withdrawn there offer within days of submiting it!! nobody had bothered to tell us!!

within a few weeks had another offer, had mortgage in principle, first time buyer everything looked great, but 3 weeks later still no surveyor, estate agents spent next 3 weeks phoning and sending letters with no reply, eventually sent someone to her house only to be told she didnt have such a mortgage and could no longer buy!!

back on the market!! within a month another buyer, viewed house 3 times after offer accepted but after delaying surveyor for 5 weeks changed his mind!!
during this five weeks we had moved out of the property into a rented house as baby was due and we thought the house was sold.
stress stress stress!!!
so we decided an auction was our only option, paid the fees and the next day had an offer, we were assured of their financial backing by our estate agents, wanted quick sale everything looked great. surveyor came out, within a few weeks we were told they had there mortgage offer.
in the mean time i had the baby( 4 weeks early probably because of stress!!!) and we found a house to buy. as we were just waiting for a completion date we went ahead and paid for survey, within 2 weeks we had our mortgage offer, but still no completion date for sale?!?!? starting to worry now, but constantly being reassured that just due to delay in searches. 2 weeks later we were ready to complete on purchase but still no news on sale, after a number of ignored letters and disconected phones our buyers seemed to have left the planet!!! it then came to light that estate agents had never received any written confirmation of mortgage and had just taken the buyers word, which had all been a lie!!! no mortgage hadnt even instructed a solicitor!!
i'd had enough!! back in the auction and no interest as it was 2 weeks before xmas.
but alas a saviour cash offer, gaurenteed completion in 4 weeks but 4 weeks later she still hadnt instructed her solicitor!! after we hassled her everyday for next week she confessed to not actually having the cash to buy the house!!

we then received an offer 25k below the asking price,(asking pricce was only 95k) we had no choice but to accept as if we didnt we would have had to move back and after all the grief that house has caused us it was the last thing we wanted to do.

so what has the last year held for me, a lot of stress, a lot of lost money, in house value, surveyors, and searches along with solicitors bills for every sale that was lost!! and alot of rude unplesent phonecalls from estate agents. and we are know in a position where we cannot afford to buy anything because of money lost.
our local council say we will not receive a property from then for next 5 years as list is so long(this is in an unpopular area!!) and i'm paying twice the local authority rent to live in an ex-council house!!
but ive learnt my lesson, i will never buy another house again unless im sure i will live in it for the rest of my life and i now know NEVER TO TRUST ESTATE AGENTS!!! they just tell you what they think you want to hear!!

estate agents are a terrible lot. when we moved 2 years ago we put an offer in on a house and were 2 weeks away from exchanging contracts and completing when we discover the house had abestos. the property already needed alot of renovation work. the seller wasn't interested in paying for the work or droping the price, so with two young children we decided against that property and found another. when we made the offer i stated that i wanted various items of furniture as the owners were moving abroad, we needed furniture and it saved them selling it. one item i was particulary keen to have was this lovely pine dresser... to cut a long story short... about 8 weeks of the estate agent confirming and double confirming that it was to be included. day before we went to sign contracts we found out that they'd sold it, but by then we were so fed up and just wanted to move, so we let it go.

my advice to you would be to instruct your solictor to tell miss A that if she doesn't agree to a set moving out date within the next week that you'll start looking for another property and will pull out of the sale. if she's serious about selling the property then that'll put the wind up here (so to speak) and she'll agree.... if not then atleast you'll know now rather than wasting another 8 weeks for her to change her mind.
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