House for a Pound

    Win A House for a Pound Speaks for itself really follow instructions on website -------->>>> 3 houses to be won in total

    This is advertised on the main page of so its not a con me thinks.


    Before everyone dives in feeling lucky I thought I'd point out that the terms and conditions make for interesting reading. Two perhaps worth highlighting are that they can get out of even offering the houses as prizes if any gets less than 400000 entries!!! Instead they put forward an alternative prize of a mere £1000 or the remaining profits from the competion after they take away all their 'costs'.

    The second thing worth noting is that it's a three stage process. Effectively you enter a competition to take part in a draw to then take part in another competition.

    [*][FONT=Verdana]What happens if the competitions don’t receive enough entries to break even?[/FONT][/LIST][FONT=Verdana]In the unlikely even that any of the competitions fail to break even then the draws will still take place with the winners receiving either one third of the ‘Competition Fund’ after expences have been recouped, or if the ‘Competition Fund is less than £1000 then a minimum of £1000.[/FONT]

    [*][FONT=Verdana]What happens if I’m one of the lucky ten drawn for the second stage?[/FONT][/LIST][FONT=Verdana]We will call you on the day of the draw between 2pm and 5pm to answer a second question, the entrant with the correct answer, or nearest to the correct answer, will win the house for a pound.[/FONT]

    It's also not free to enter, costs a £1 per entry phonecall.

    It's like all those "how low will you go" ads that plaster the music channels. Nothing new, it's all a con.

    Actually a different way of selling a property and making a profit. I think it's been done before, a couple of years ago and was all over the news.
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