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Found 1st Dec 2007
Hi, was amazed earlier today when doing a house insurance quote that zero excess was an option, not only that but when I chose it it only put £20 on my premium! The original quote I received was with an excess of £150!! Surely we should all be paying that little extra to have zero excess. I didn't know you could choose your own excess levels as I just accepted in the past the quote details given over the phone. I wonder how many others have taken out their insurance with high excess not realising there is little difference in the overall premium cost. I'd be interested in hearing of others experience of this.


Not all insurance company's offer a nil excess and in any event if you make a claim for everything you can claim for your premiums will go up with every insurance company come renewal.

But I do agree everyone should check whether it is an option and how much it increases the premium.

Remember this applies to all insurance, pet, home, motor etc.

We are fortunate enough to have an insurance company that has this option, for house and car, and the insurance company have been excellent with claims and haven't increased the premiums after any claims.

We've used them for H&C for the past 15 yrs and we also get money back at the end of the year if we use their services.

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Hi, should've said quote was from Churchill. The excess on my current insurance with Rias was £100 and haven't claimed anything since being with them but they were putting premium up every year. I've mentioned this to a few people and no one seemed to realise they could alter the excess amount, it does make you wonder how many people are taking out insurance with high excess in the belief they are saving 'a lot' of money. In my case it was a matter of just £20 difference between a £150 excess and a zero one!
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