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Found 16th May 2018
Hi all,

I’m currently sellling a house but have let the home insurance expire as I wasn’t really thinking.

Does anyone know if you get a refund if you take out a 12 month policy but cancel after a couple of months
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Our house insurance was £85 for the year however reading through they charge a fee to cancel policy although I can't remember the amount. Was around £40. Get a few months insurance if that's what you want or take 12 months and take the hit when and if you cancel. Go for cheapest option as temporary insurance maybe expensive. Do the maths
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most give a pro-rata refund and charge an admin fee. Just take out a 12 month policy as selling a house is rarely completed in two months.
Are you still living in the house? If it is empty (eg probate sale), standard insurance won't cover you and you'll need unoccupied property insurance, which comes with numerous get-out clauses (I speak from painful experience). But either way, as Chocci says, they will refund the pro-rated unused insurance but charge a £30 / £40 admin fee.
Speak to your previous insurer. Assuming you’re moving home, you could probably transfer it to your new home.
In any event if you’d have a mortgage on the property, you’re probably in breach of the t&cs. Make sure you get it sorted ASAP.
Yes still living there currently.
Yes still have a mortgage.
Good idea about asking to port it.

Ill I’ll just go with a cheap 12 month and worry about admin charge when it comes to it. Piece of mind is worth more I think.

Thanks everyone
Getting new insurance is cheaper than renewing your old one anyways so you aren't losing anything. As it's been said, get a new 1 year insurance and check that you can cancel to get pro rata refund. Itll take a long time from selling to actually moving out anyways.
Renewal was £200. New one with different company was only £98.
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