House M.D offer

    had a link from captain cash.

    For the price is the DVD player any good ? I am useless in understanding the tech.
    Want something that will play near anything of disk and USB and able to fast forward in videos (not skip but FF, so rare in cheaper players).



    Just a no name dvd player.

    Do you need it to be multi region ? there around that price at Ebuyer and most of there are...

    Original Poster

    Not needing multi region. As posted from what I understand my needs are just a player that can play all kinds of video codecs from a home burnt DVD and off a USB drive along with the ability to fast-forward non chaptered movies.

    Brand is of no consequence, I am no brand snob in any terms. Just want to be able to download things like game/movie/music trailers and play them of a DVD or a USB drive (of which I have no idea how to).
    I like to have the latest trailers playing in the background while I do bits n bobs around the flat. To annoying to just watch them online due to always having to click to the next one. I prefer to go cold turkey for a week or two and get all I can on a DVD.
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