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Posted 27th Jun
Hey experts, any recommendation/ suggestion on a site/ website for a good cheap house moving boxes. Thanks for your time and thoughts as always.
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Best place to buy is local self storage.
Local Freecycle pages, Facebook,Freegle.
If you need cardboard boxes, go to any supermarket and ask. They usually give em for free
Local self storage or your chosen removal firm, both usually have them. Or ask on local face book groups, as shops are often happy to get rid of them as are people who have just moved them selves.
Ebay has them
Go to your local Ping/Pong Facebook group and get lots for nothing!
Bought a batch off amazon and they were soft and no tape would stick to them but a second batch (different seller) was great very sturdy. The suggestions above are better but I was in a rush as house sale went through faster than expected
try your local Mac D's- speak to the manager and be willing to collect whenever convenient for them (very busy ppl!) perfect sized boxes, fit tons in, easy to carry. their French fries packaging boxes are great
I got mine from Homebase. Cheaply priced (imo) and sturdy enough. If you have one close to you worth a look.…ing
I got mine from ebay, 18”x12”x12” double thickness averaged about £1 per box delivered. Though I found the 14”x14”x14” boxes were a better size (but a little more expensive as less commonly used) to fit things in.
My local Facebook page always has people asking and they always get offered some free.
local shop
Ask your workplace for any boxes they are throwing out
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