House Vacuums

    I have searched high and low for a great deal on vacuums (I want to help with the house cleaning) I have researched that the Miele S4510 is a good one , however can be pricey. Al tips welcome. Great site !!!


    take a look at this thread..if you decide on Currys there are vouchers for free delivery and 10% off in the voucher section


    You only get what U pay 4, my friend. Miele R fab - they go on and on and on and on...I know, we have 1 that is 20 years old and I am going to have to introdce it to my 20 bore to get rid of it. 10/10 just like the AGA thingy.

    Curry's are still doing the excellent Miele S381 for £99. It's a Curry's exclusive and cheaper than the other similar Miele models. I can personally recommend it as excellent and much superior to our previous Dyson.
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