HOUSEHOLD WASTE COLLECTION (council or private?)

    In our area we have a smaller version of the larger wheelie bins that are available in most boroughs. We have two wheelie bins one for household general waste the other for recycling.
    The third we have to pay for to buy a bin for garden waste, then pay additionally for collection. This amounts to £53 per year. Then renewal of £40 a year.
    However despite paying one of the highest council tax bands, the bins are collected fortnightly. If we require a extra collection this can be requested and a fee of £24 applies.

    Am really considering looking into a private bin service where the bins provided are large 1100L or of choice size. But can throw everything in the one bin incl gardening materials.

    What is your opinion?



    Just whack it in your neighbours bin.

    Same for us but we learn to minimise waste and we go to the local tip for bulky waste

    Another vote for the neighbours bin if your lucky enough to have some old folk that ain't got nothing much in it. It also seems In our area folks have 2 bins. I was told that's OK. You just phone and ask for another bin

    I will use my vote in local elections for whichever candidate is nearest to my opinion which is all household rubbish collections should be paid for from the council tax collected. Business' , especially retailers should pay more business rate tax until they adopt a much more environmentally friendly packaging policy.

    My advice ? Recycle more and waste less . Buy stuff that isn't over packaged and squash everything as flat as you can .

    Probably cheaper to rent a skip than pay for private collection. Ours is a pretty reasonable service but they closed the local tip so we now have to to enter town to dump stuff. Just not worth doing to be honest for small trips as it's a nightmare getting to it.

    Mines every 3 weeks. If it's decomposable I compost it, otherwise it's amazing what can be burnt on a decent sized bonfire.


    same has happened in Manchester. they have small bins, than average and they come monthly , I think she said. it's totally disastrous. say a average household is 4 people then fortnightly collection is enough! I recycle , and luckily ours is fortnightly but if they ever changed the bins size God knows what people would do . it's bad enough with people littering, they just won't bother keeping the area clean

    And they're trying to crack down on fly tipping, which is unacceptable. You can see how the issue arises though.
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