Houston We Have A Problem - (Communications)

Posted 13th Feb 2021
Good evening all.

Silly & stupid question for all those up to date with IT/Comms/Apps etc. However, I have been left behind in the 2000s.

Our house has an issue with a teenage boy getting overly excited with his Playstation in the late hours.

Almost every night, often after we are tired & want to go to bed, the volume level increases gradually until telling off time. After a couple of warnings we just switch the router off & job done.

But wanted to know if we could switch the router off without going downstairs by using smart plugs.

If we buy a TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug (currently £9 at Amazon) can we switch the router off & on via our phones?

IE plug router into smart plug & control via phones not via broadband router. Obviously because the router would be off & no wifi signal when we want to switch it back on.

I have googled but I cannot find a definitive answer.

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