How about franking machine?

    The franking prices are quite attractive in Royalmail. Does anyone use a franking machine? How does it cost including every costs?



    i do at work - i bought 3 at a cost of £ 2,995 per 1/4 monthly billed but the ones i have are big machines - if you do a lot of postage then it may be a good idea to give them a call and see what they can offer you - the ink for my machines cost me £ 199 per catridge and do 5,000 impressions also if the item is bulky and needs a tape stamp then this costs extra too (sorry cant remember the figure off the top of my head for them as i buy them very irregularly) paying via the machine is cheaper cos they give you a discount but unless you are a heavy user i cant really say they would be cost effective for the average joe bloggs

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    Thanks a lot.
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