How am I going to output to my (old) TV with a NEW laptop?

    Evening HUKDers,

    So I'm in the market for a new laptop. I'd like something that'd last for the forseeable future but not break the bank, so have got my eye on something like the Lenovo G555 that's available from Argos' ebay outlet (item #360284762984)

    The only problem as I see it is the lack of a damn S-Video port. At least I haven't seen one, from Googling specs and watching an unboxing vid on YouTube. Seems plenty of new laptops are the same.

    So what am I going to do when it comes to outputting from my laptop to a TV with only SCART and RCA inputs? I like to bring my laptop to friends houses and simply slap an S-Video and RCA audio cables in it/the TV and we're good to go.

    Higher spec laptops have HDMI inputs but obviously these aren't going to help me out on CRT TVs.

    Any advice?

    Also I like the look of that Lenovo G555 and the ASUS X5DIJ - they are the same price and similarly spec'd (Lenovo is AMD/ATi, ASUS is Intel/Nvidia) - what would you go for in your opinion?


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    Only real chance is a VGA to Scart adaptor, I have two but the pic quality is amazing as you expect but theres a sync problem so scrolling looks like the screen is updating slower than the pc.

    I heard home made VGA to Scart cables are far better as the adaptors have loads of problems.
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