How and what to check when buying iphone?

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Found 21st Jan 2010
I am going to buy a iphone. I will prob physically check it before payment. The question I would appreciate any help upon is what do I check and how: unlock? warranty? Is it stolen etc.

Thanks in advance.

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How and where are you buying it from? For warranty purposes especially, you are better of getting it from a shop, or make sure you have a receipt. If it is a model before the 3GS, you should be able to jailbreak and unlock it yourself, although that invalidates the warranty.

I would check for any faults, scratches, dents, and other defects, dead pixels, and dust under the screen. Check that all physical buttons work (volume rockers, sleep and home buttons) and try rebooting the phone (hold sleep and home until you see apple logo) pay attention to any abnormalities in the software as it is booting and running.

Good luck!

check unlock - put in a 3 sim card, if it is unlocked then it will pick up siginal
check warranty on apple site
check if its blocked or stolen at

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies. I would be buying locally and inspecting. How do I make sure it is a 3gs. Buying 32gig version.

I bought a PAYG 3GS from O2 yesterday, came today and they unlock it for £15.

Just under £500 for the 16GB model and just under £600 for the 32GB model and its free next day delivery.

Might be worth going down that route, yes you pay more money, but its alot safer and you get a whole warranty.


They can just wait a month or two though, and report it stolen, your … They can just wait a month or two though, and report it stolen, your phone is blocked, they get a new one from insurance and then they end up with money and a new phone.


Happens more that you think. They get your money and a new phone...

Get a receipt with the serial and imei number on then if it does get blocked you can prove that you bought it legitimatally.

To be perfectly honest, if you have any doubts - don't risk it - it's not like your risking a few quid.

If you're asking about checking if its stolen then it suggests you're not buying it from a shop. So ask for the original receipt if the phone is still under warranty as you need proof of purchase to claim. I would also get a photo of the dude too just in case things go a little pear shape, at least you have his/her mugshot.

Additionally check the water damage marker inside the headphone socket. If its turned pink then Apple will void the warranty as water damage is not covered. There can be various reasons for it turning pink so doesn't necessarily mean its been dropped in a puddle.

Hope the purchase goes well.
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