How and where do I post this ?

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Found 26th Jun 2008…bq/

It looks quite nifty for £20.00 !

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Deals... press submit button and follow instructions…als

or buy clicking submit, top left corner and then deals

Post it in the deals section...same as what you have done here (But with more info obviously!) but select the Deals and then Travel (I think is the most appropiate topic)

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I know the basics,but when asked to search for a trader, this lot dont exist in the selection and when I try to add them it wont let me.

This is kosher by the way.... its out of good food magazine.

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emasu;2400002 me … me add a merchant

Right! I'll give it another bash...
Back in a min

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Wooooo !!
Done it,cheers guys

-9... some powerful member with full voted cold from the off...

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Such is life..... no reason given either....ah well,back to the old drawing board

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Aye aye !!
We're warming up for no reason as well

Would it not be an idea to prompt people for comments before they vote hot or cold or is that asking too much ?
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