How are Amazon & The Hut for pre-orders?

To those who've ever pre-ordered from both these places, how soon do they send their games out?

I have Heavy Rain and Bad Company 2 pre-ordered from each of them and this is the first time i've ordered from anyone other than shopto, thus, I'm used to their excellent service. Would have gone with them from these 2 games, but the deals were too good to pass up.

So yeah, just wanted some reassurance...



i've used amazon before. obviously nowhere near as good as shopto. you can probably expect to get the games either on release day, or a day or two after - it tends to vary.

out of interest how much did you pay for these two games?

amazon not good, mass effect 2 came 3 days late, used the hut a few times, always came on day of release.

Anyone know if ShopTo take money straight away for pre-orders? I want to use PayPal.

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out of interest how much did you pay for these two games?

£33 for Heavy rain from The Hut, and £23 for Bad Company 2 from Amazon. To be honest, at that price i'm sure i can stand the wait.

Thanks for the responses guys..
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