How are some of you making your avtars with the old site details?

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Found 6th Jul 2010
a few of you have your old user names above the rep etc and all the badges, how are you doing that?

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like mine fam?

Original Poster

yes like that....fam?? oO

It's just a picture.

lol the avatar is a pic of the old stuff, look at one of my badges, its a picture of me X)




ballin blud, u need to get the micoo badge

You're all a bunch of sp...oh hi there.

Original Poster

i know it's a picture, was just wondering how you did it and where you got the old rep stuff from

mine doesnt align as nicely as yours its 92x91 pixels me thinks thats why, I might try get my old avi on one of the badges lol.

ok its done but dont look too good, I think a new avi will be needed for this new layout, at the mo this is a temp measure

Only you would add a badge of yourself Micoo lol. Havnt been about for ages, but god some things dont change


lol at numptys "little" badges

This is beautiful.


aha report post hs appeared......woohoo


lol at numptys "little" badges

sizing fail on my part haha


yours is a broken image numpty

rofl avatar fail now bad times

I got a telling off for my avi *cry* Emma Watson will do until a perm solution can be found

Hehe, I have gone for a speaker icon, WiFi icon, a Computer and an RSS feed logo. Shame the feed doesn't work, that would be cool


Use google cache. Search for an old thread you posted in then then click the cache link at the end.

Need to do a different one for mine hard to read.
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