How bad are the cheap AMD based laptops?

Posted 24th Nov
I need to buy as many laptops as possible for £2500+vat.

I've seen on here the deals for laptops with AMD A6-9225 processors for less than £200 Inc vat.

So I can get about 15 of these. But are they going to be any good? They have 8gb ram and a 256gb SSD.

They need to be used for the internet and basic office use. We did consider Chromebooks but need flash support and the Chromebooks are phasing it out.

Will they be good enough?
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AMD make perfectly good kit but lost out on market share to Intel from long before day one. Intel has been accused of dirty tricks but who knows.

Cheap laptops, as opposed to cheap AMD laptops, tend to be older components and mismatched components. In one sense, consider it akin to buying a car with 4 different tyres on it, drum brakes on one axle and unequal disks on the other. can you publish the full spec? SSDs help but s/hand SSDs may be close to end of life. You need to run the manufacturers app to gauge life left.

You could do worse than talking to Dell Outlet. It sounds as though you have a case for consideration and they love shift bulk stock. Especially if you live with scratch & dent rather than perfect.

And once you get these cheaper, older, slower laptops, get someone to help you with the OS. Out of the box, it will have cpapware, bloatware and all manner of un-needed draw on your processing power. Then choose your browser with care and tie it down to stop wasting cycles on tracking sites logging your every move.
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They are brand new. They don't come with an is but we have volume licensing at work for Windows 10 and office.
What you suggested is an excellent buy for a Lenovo V- series.
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