How bad can cinemaparadiso DVD rental get?

Posted 19th Mar 2018
Now that lovefilm/amazon has stopped,I guess the only option for dvd rental is
If you thought,this would make them provide a unique service and dominate the scene,you are sadly mistaken. Hopefully it's a sobering advice to anyone planning to join the rental service.

We added 32 dvds from their own website into our list for the unlimited dvd subscription and found that 24 of them were demoted to the 'save' list!!!

Why? A lot of the dvds are only there in the website to make the numbers and ...yes they cannot despatch them to you possibly because they are only there to lure customers to become members.

I guess they only have the most recent movies (why would most need them with netflix and amazon around?).

So I have been sent 3 dvds (all returned promptly) in 3 weeks although there are still 8 dvds left in the 'selection list' and the customer service's suggestion to improve the turnover is a request to add more dvds! How many more? And what guarantee that even these do not really exist ?

Lastly, you know about their promise to 'buy dvds if there's a particular one you like and they don't have', well it's all humbug and rubbish.

If you plan to join, do go ahead but do be aware what you are walking into!
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