How can Ebay sellers make money when they sell items for 1p

Found 14th Jun 2010
There are alot of HK/China sellers and loads of there items go for peanuts, many go for 1p

Surely postage will be quite alot to the UK ?

How can they be making any money ?
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those items are not about making money.
they charge a lot for postage...

those items are not about making money.

Oh ?


they charge a lot for postage...

Nope they are free delivery

Oh ?

they want the feedback
they use your email for spam
a combination of things really
They will clearly make a loss on those items so there's definitely something in it for them. I suspect for the most part, it's about building up lots of feedback very quickly. A more unscrupulous seller might do this so they can get away with selling bad quality items which they will receive bad feedback for (but it won't make much of an impact because of the large amount of positives they receive).

I have also heard people speculate that it's so they can gather a large number of email addresses and use them for spam (as mentioned above) and also to try and hack into.
any of the above or loss leaders to get you interested in their other offerings
It's all aboutt he spam/fb/farming for dets.
also iveseen many UK I.D that have 100+ postive feedback over the year then at xmas they will scam on stuff like iphones etc but if they can hit 50+ ppl for £300 before the negs n complaints roll in they made a killing. So sometimes its about playing the long game.

Why i avoid ebay like the plague unless im desperate
its also about the discounts/benefits for powersellers.......keeping their transactions within the required criteria
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