How Can I avoid my cookies being tracked and my household seeing what I searched on their timeline?

Found 23rd Nov 2017
I was looking for presents last year and everything I searched for popped up as an advert on my GF’s Facebook timeline. So if I searched GHD straighteners the exact ones I looked at would pop up on her Facebook as an advert. Quite annoying because I can’t even search for anything this year as a surprise because it will just show up on her Facebook again. It even happens in private browsing. I’m using an iPhone and I don’t use Facebook either . Anyway to avoid this happening? Thanks

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Use a different browser or enter the browsers annonymous mode.

Or use TOR browser if your gf has mad hacking skills

Incognito mode, use your phone, a different browser, another pc/laptop. Less tin foil in the house, etc

Assuming you don’t go straight on Facebook after browsing then I would use something like CCleaner Pro as its free (Google is your friend ) , it will clear all your cookies after you close the browser.

Use your mobile data connection to avoid any potential IP address based tracking (you may be able to tether to your computer) or a VPN.

Google chrome app?

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Thanks everyone I’ve downloaded an app now called Ghostery.

Use duckduckgo search engine, fb will pick up what you search for from Google.
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