How can i cancel my virgin media contract?

Hi friends

Its bin 4 months i got my virgin connection but i want to cancel it as i am planning to leave the country for few months..

i want your help..please leave the comments if there is any way i can get out of the contract without paying?


Cant leave without paying term. fee. In a contract with minimum term of probably 12 months.

Have you tried phoning them to ask?
When I had V Media they sent me a contract and stuff but I never sent it back and still had same service, when it came to me moving about 10 months later they actually sent me a cheque for some money they owed me, never mentioned being charged for leaving 2 months early - I did try to still take their phone/internet (I now live in non cable flat) but their customer services didn't have a clue, about anything in life by the sounds of things.

you can leave, but it will cost you 8 x remaining months plus termination fee so you might as well leave it run, and have it for when you get back,


Minimum term contract - google it

And cough up if you want out

the only way you can leave or get out of a contract is if theres a fault they cant fix, not much you can do if you still in contract, espically when your only 4 months into it, apart from my last post that is, but that seems a waste of cash if u back in country in few months

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a friend of mine moved to a new address and virgin had no service in her new area so they let her go (it was about a 2 year back)..

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25x8= 200 quid

Give them a call and see if theres anything they can do. They might be willing to put it on hold for couple of months?
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