How can i change a picture on computer to black and white please?

    Im a bit blonde when it comes to computer stuff!

    I have scanned a photo that i would like to print out as black and white, dont think i have any special programme to edit pics etc so any idea how i can do it please?

    Thank you xx


    Open it up in a graphics program like PaintShopPro or something and there will be a picture option to change it to 'Negative' and 'Sepia'...I think these are the 2 that do that! The best thing is trying the different options but these 2 should get you there. Cheers.

    when you hit 'print' you should get a 'properties' tab on the next little window it pops up. Click on that and then find the 'greyscale' option about half way down.

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    Job done - rep left!

    changes stuff black and white, sepia, negative, frames, etc.

    oh and its free.


    thats soo great, and free

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    ]this is amazing and very simple

    Thanks a lot for that. Take it it's owned by photobucket as it's the same format menus, just far more advance. Really useful, Rep on it's way - you clever person ;-)
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