How can I connect my TV and all other devices to surround sound?

Found 27th May 2014
I have had my TV put up on the wall with cables all buried but since this was done I've added a few other devices to my collection! Can someone detail how I get them all connected so I can get my surround sound working no matter what device is playing through the TV. My situation at the moment is as follows:

HD Ready TV with 3 HDMI connections, 1 Optical in, 1 Component
5.1 Surround Sound system with 1 HDMI, 1 Optical
Bluray player with 1 HDMI, 1 Optical
BT Youview Recorder with 1 HDMI, 1 Optical
Xbox Elite with 1 HDMI, 1 Optical out
Wii with 1 component connection

As I only have one optical cable and three hdmi cables going into the tv do I need a hdmi splitter, an optical splitter (if you can get that?) Once all the cables are connection I don't really want to have to move or change them in any way as all the kit will be tucked away in an alcove.
Hope this question and my existing setup is clear!? Thanks in advance.
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what 5.1 system is it?
replace surround system with home theater. tv optical or arc on the hdmi back to the amp. I just use my tv for video but use optical out for smart apps like netflix or prime video.
It's a Samsung home theatre kit elliott (I thought that was the same thing as a surround sound, sorry) kester, i'm sorry can you explain better what you mean? I don't think I understand. If someone could just tell me how many optical cables I need and where to plug them and the hdmi's all into (bearing in mind that I only have 1 optical available to go directly into the tv and 3 hdmi) Thanks
I'd replace the surround unit with a cheap home theatre amp that supports multiple hdmi. should find plenty on the cheap. optical is fine for the xbox as they use the same audio standards as the original xbox but hdmi is easier.
your source must be surround sound, 5.1 for example, sky, ps3, dvd, blu ray. if the tv programme for example is only filmed in stereo not 5.1 you wont get 5.1.
then your amp must be able to have all those imputs going in and output it through your 5.1 speakers, I doubt yours will. it will prob only do it for dvds or blu ray.

so basically enjoy 5.1 with your movies and normal stereo with everything else or upgrade your system to something that can handle it all.
Ok lol thanks for the replies guys, you've kinda lost me but looks like i can only get sound through my speakers if im playing a dvd through the surround sound system yeah? Thats a bummer, the sound on the tv is horrible, especially when watching iplayer :-(
optical from surround sound straight to your tv. leave surround sound on optical setting and whatever you put on your tv will come out the speakers :-)
optical splitter works with xbox sky and one in TV so means I have all my stuff working through it... don't buy a cheap splitter as we did n it was busted within a month!! maplin do splitters hope that kinda helps
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