How can I format a Chinese hacked Mp4 player?

    Have 3 of them one was great as long as you never used above 3 gig data or had large avi files on but the headphne socket broke so I got another.

    The 2nd one I have worked fine at first again 2 gigs worth but I tried to put a 1 gig software file on that corrupted the drive and since then I cannot format it, only do a quick format which corrups the files.

    I have just bought a new one and decided to format it right away just in case but now it wont work at all.

    So how do I format the drives to their real capacity?

    Im using vista.


    Bin em, more trouble than they are worth. serious.

    Surely you'd be better off just "buy DVD" off the chinese. No?


    Bin em, more trouble than they are worth. serious.

    +1, How much have you spent on all 3 combined? made the same mistake myself and ended up buying 4 before i realised it was a bit of false economy, ok at the time as its a small outlay but in the long run a waste of time,

    While it sounds pessimistic I don't think these players are worth the hassle, they are frequently designed to report a larger amount of memory making it difficult to work out how much memory it actually has aside from cracking it open and checking the actual memory modules. Even if formatted to the correct capacity I'd be surprised if you didn't still run into problems later on.


    follow this ]guide

    Original Poster

    Cheers I have changed the first 16 gig drive to 4 gig and its formatting easier.

    I assume its 4 gigs anyway as before it always stopped formatting at 25% so 25% of 16 is 4 anyway.
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