How can I get 6x4 photos from Aldi Photos?

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Found 7th May 2010
I received my photos from Aldi but the size they sent me is not 6x4. I picked "origina"l format 6x4 as I didn't want my pics to be cropped. How can i get 6x4 without them chopping anything off? I emailed aldi but they said its the way it is.
Can someone explain it in lamens terms how i can get 6x4 without any chopping? Thanks in advance

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What size did they send then?


i got 2900 from them and mine were fine

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they sent the smallest size


resize them 6x4 yourself, use picasa set a custom 6x4 crop and export

digital prints are slightly taller ratio than 6 x 4 (more like 6 x 4.5)

so if you custom crop and export the jpg, then send to aldi 6x4, you will get exactly that

the only other alternative is to add extra white width, then crop to make the ratio correct if you really dont want to lose anything, but you will have a white margin left and right

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Thanks Jubbyme for your advice! How do I get aldi to do the add on extra white width? Thanks


looking at the aldi site, it seems they messed up your order, and gave you classic format and not original format (which would add black borders)

you need something like a real photo editor to start adding borders to things

get a refund from aldi for messing up original with classic, or use another place

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thanks for ur advice jubbyme.
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