how can i get autographs for a charity auction

    im going to be rasing money for cancer research uk in a few months by skydiving and was wondering if anyone knew how i can get famous autographs to help with my fundrasing i will then auction the autographs off and the proceeds will go to the charity along with what i raise skydiving



    Try asking the person whos autograph you want for one

    not wanting to tell a long story but i once was involved in a charity auction whislt in the Army on a foreign tour.
    We wrote to virtually every sports club in the UK ( main premiership clubs and rugby super league clubs ) for anything they could send to us.. We got loads of shirts / balls / pictures all signed by either a couple of players or the whole team -

    What i suggest is writing to the BBC and ITV asking ( begging ) for anything they can offer - if you tell them who it is you're raising for, and again as many clubs as you can. One generic letter and lots of stamps - if you only get a 25% return you will still get quite a bit...

    hope this helps
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