How can i get rollercoaster tycoon 1 and the expansion pack loopy landscapes to run on vista

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Found 15th Feb 2008
Got new lappy and the above game wont run on vista anyone know where i can dl a patch for it




You need to either:-
find the rct.exe file and add the “Windows 95″ compatibility mode for the file “rct.exe”


Try installing the game under the true Admin account.

to enable the admin account

Enable admin account:
1) Click Start
2) Right-click 'Computer' and then click 'Manage' in the list that pops up.
3) Click on the arrow beside 'Local Users and Groups' then click on 'Users'
4) In the right pane you'll see 'Administrator' double click on that.
5) Uncheck 'Account is disabled'
6) Log out and log into the Admin account and try installing the game.

Hope this helps

All advice given is purely that and any issues arrising from following said advice are your own to rectify...

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whats that got to do with a pc game

Playing my part as a 'fanboy' of your enemy console!

the pc isnt a video games console.....



the pc isnt a video games console.....

And a cow quite clearly isn't a racehorse. I have been done.


the pc isnt a video games console.....

Read the 360 threads!
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