How can I hide my IP to access American website?

Found 3rd Jan 2009
Hi guys, need some help again.

We want to access the American Abercrombie and Fitch website however cannot get beyond the UK site. Without going through a paid for proxy, is there any way I can do this?

Big rep for help, it will save my dad the agony of having to go into A&F when he's in Vegas in a few weeks



A while ago I used to use the proxy TOR and that was free.

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A while ago I used to use the proxy TOR and that was free.

Hmm, seems to have worked, but only just, unable to view the scrolling menus or even prices... Need to play with it I think!

Many thanks

Ah ha! Found one "privacy5" works fine - Actually, not entirely, but I'll get there.

Thanks again! Rep for you

just had a look for you works

I was going to get a jumper on there yesterday £40 + £20 for postage. Spoke to my mate who's living out there he had a look on the site not only was it $40 originally, but it's down in a sale to $20. I understand why their prices are cheaper but why do we not get sale price either? I've ended up asking him to order me one and ship it to me, costs less than the price of the original jumper.

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just had a look for you works

Awesome, I'll try it now

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Free proxy sites ] … Free proxy sites ] ] of those may help:thumbsup:

Hidemyass didn't work sadly. I'll try the other one now too

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just had a look for you works

Having the same problem as the others... Cannot select a size from dropdown box etc. Why is this so blooming hard? >.

Nah I've got the same problem can't choose a size or change colour.

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If anyone has any more ideas, please throw them this way!

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pompeyrory;7407978 a whole list there might be … a whole list there might be werth a go on a few

bossyboots;7408114 might work


try hotspot shield

I'll check these out thanks all

how do these proxy's work then?! lol I should probably know but i dont!! sorry for the stupidness!

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Tried: wouldn't enter card details through a … Tried: wouldn't enter card details through a proxy though.

Was wondering about that... >.

i used software called ]Hide My IP, free for 14 days and saves pfaffing around with these proxy sites.

in IE goto tools - internet options - conections tab - Lan Settings button
use Address: Port: 3124

and use ie as normal


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I still wouldn't risk my card details on it.

I don't intend to either... But at least I can access it and check it out Will work out my wish list and father can order it while he is over there lol.

Hotspot shield is a safe VPN intended to make it safe for you to send personal information etc. online when connected via a wifi hotspot you don't trust. i've used it before to watch something on hulu but it was too slow for streaming video really. but so I did get an IP that appeared american. And is trustworthy vs a random proxy that are normally set up by hackers exploiting unsecured business servers.

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use Address: Port: 3124

This was the best btw, thanks!
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