How can I leave negative feedback on ebay ??

    I recently sold something on ebay and the buyer asked me to wait for 2 WEEKS!!!! before he/she could pay. Its Christmas and I thought hey what the hell, why not, SO, I agreed (big mistake). Exactly 2 weeks later I emailed the buyer and he/she said "Oh I forgot" will pay ASAP.. I waited for another week and then the buyer said he/she cant pay and told me to do what ever I like with the item and told me to F OFF when told to pay up..

    I`ve opened an unpaid item case, its been 7 days.. Thats all Ive done so far.

    What can I do to make him/her feel sorry??



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    There must be something I can do? How does one warn others on ebay if a seller cant leave any neg FB. I hate this person, a total nightmare... aaaaaaaaargh!!

    Ebay as with life is unfair!! you can't leave a neg as a seller!

    you can't leave neg fedback now for buyers

    You can't leave negative feedback for a Buyer (unless you leave positive feedback, but write something negative - but if the Buyer complains, Ebay will remove it). All you can do is file an unpaid item report, and Ebay will put an unpaid item strike against the Buyer which other Sellers can see, if they find in your favour. In other words, not a lot that you can that gives you any satisfaction at all :x

    all you can do is leave him a pos feedback - with a message in CAPS - buyer beware.. along those lines ! but as he hasnt left yours he could still leave you a neg feedback even though the transaction wasnt completed unless he has deleted his listing .... ( if you get what i mean )

    and as the guy above says just start an unpaid item case - and say that they refuse to pay for the item...

    Other than going round to their home and beating them up (which I don't recommend, but I know of a friend that did!!), you'll just have to leave it in the hands of eBay, who will warn the buyer and put a black mark on their record. It's now a rubbish system they've implemented recently where the seller isn't allowed to negative, but it was brought in because too many people were doing tit-for-tit feedbacks.

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    If I end the case as its been more than 4 days, he/she should receive an unpaid item strike as stated in the T&C. Will he/she still be able to leave me neg FB?


    ebay don´t ya just love it?

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    no dont end the dispute let it run the full 7/10 days what ever ebay say … no dont end the dispute let it run the full 7/10 days what ever ebay say it is now, ive left feedback for a nightmare buyer, leave the positive but in caps leave the neg comment, buyer will complain and ebay will remove the positive mark but the comments are still there for everyone to see.

    Thanks for that but is the buyer able to leave me neg after I let it run the full which is 4 days now. If you dont close it within 36 days, ebay will close it and the buyer will not receive a strike..

    You can't do nuffink, i've had you right over, you mug :lol:

    sounds like an average transaction to me.

    Have a dispute that has just ended on mine for same thing and according to my feedback page i can leave theres but the dispute stops them leaving you any, so you should be ok to leave a comment on there's with out them being able to do the same,hope that makes sense and helps a bit
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