how can i play xbox 360 on my laptop monitor?



    You don't.

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    any gadgets on dealextreme?

    You can if your laptop has an 'in' feed for video...normally composite or S-Video...and only on great laptops like the alienware series

    maybe you can get a tv card to install onto your laptop but dont think you can actually just use the laptop screen

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    no in, but have vga and s-video out, which are useless.

    on another note would it be possible to get a 17" tft with vga for £20 25 or is that asking too much?

    You could use a PCMCIA TV card, but as far as I know you would have to do a bit of google research, I don't know of any with any form of HD input, only component such as this one :


    Therefore you would then be stuck at a 480i resolution.

    Its too much to be asking for a 17" TFT for £20.25 unless broken on Ebay, if you are good with electronics, perhaps you would find one that cheap there that may need just a new inverter or something.

    Technically it would work but the quality would be poor (the input would be just 480i) and there would be a lag on the controls.


    There should be a VGA connection on the laptop in which case you can! You just need to buy a VGA adaptor.. I got mine from play-asia for a few quid and works perfect:…tml

    It's a VGA out, not a VGA in unfortunately which means you can't run the 360 through it. Same goes for hdmi/dvi


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    i think i will give it a go, as its all i can afford right now.
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