How can i remove a light scratch from a tocco screen?

    As in title really.

    Can anyone recommend a product?

    Also a scratch from an iphone screen advice needed, my brother is not so good at looking after his phones!


    try using the AppleSaue.. used for scratces on the back of ipod touch/ iphones .. (check ebay for more details on product..

    thats AppleSauce)

    I used brasso on the screen on my spv600 it worked a treat.

    toothpaste the same as dvd scraches

    Original Poster

    Applesauce sounds good.

    Cheer's for the replys peeps.


    Applesauce sounds good.Cheer's for the replys peeps.

    Certainly would taste better

    Buy some Displex (Dont buy fake) or a fine baby toothpaste.... ;-)


    Oh and the softest cotton cloth you can find.....

    Displex made for this purpose
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