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How can I replace my mechanical Central Heating timer with an electronic one?

Posted 17th Dec 2014
I've noticed a few electrical questions getting answered quite comprehensively. Here's one that's been bugging me for a while and I suspect the answer is simple. If it is, I'm on it, but can anyone who knows please advise...

Can I simply swap my mechanical central heating timing with an electronic one? It's fairly new, driving an on-demand hot water and central heating gas combi-boiler. I'd like one I can program for different times for each day, noting the differences between weekdays and weekends, etc.

At the moment I have the sort with a circular 24hr timer section with 4 coloured tags you move to set the on/off times. It's very inaccurate. It has a switch for On, On all Day, On Twice, Off, and it has an advance button.

If anyone can suggest a good replacement, that would also be great.

Thanks in advance.
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