How can I restore my laptop to factory settings?

    I'm getting fed up with the speed of my laptop now, I just want it completely reset to factory settings like when I first got it, Theres too many programs on here to manually uninstall + I've used up my 120 GB HDD up and have 5gb Remaning so I want to start fresh! Obviously i'll back up the documents and pictures and so on onto a removable disc, but how do I manually reset it back? Ihavent got a clue about it and i'm no technowiss! I'd rather not pay the shop £50 to do it for me. I've got the Windows Vista Home Premium Re Installaton DVD which I was told i Need? Please can a kind person guide me through what I need to do step by step any help would be gratefully repped!


    What make of laptop do you have.

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    Dell Inspiron 1520 :thumbsup:

    hi i used to work on an it service desk for the local council, what you need to do is switch it off then switch it back on again!!!

    Do you have the Xp/Vista reinstallation disk?

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    Do you have the Xp/Vista reinstallation disk?

    Hey yes, I have the Vista Re Installation Disc,
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