How can I retract bids on ebay ?

    How can I retract bids on ebay ?

    OH without knowing about how bidding works bid on 3 items without thinking, is there anyway I can retract these bids ?

    Many thanks


    yes, goto your my ebay area and search

    If there are 12 or more hours remaining on an auction, you may be able to retract your bid in the following situations:

    You made a mistake when entering your bid, e.g.such as entering £50 instead of £5
    The item description changed significantly after you placed your bid
    You can't contact the seller
    If you want to retract your bid for any other reason or there’s less than 12 hours remaining on an auction, you’ll need to contact the seller to ask if you can retract your bid. The seller must cancel the bid on your behalf.

    What did he not understand about how bidding works?

    What's your username
    Need to update my blocked bidders list

    own up, was it one of those 'valuable' £5 notes?

    Fingers crossed he gets out bid

    Original Poster

    Thanks for help all.

    It was a genuine mistake OH placed bid on 3 same sort of items when we only needed 1 and also non of them were right choice...

    Thanks again

    Retract your 'OH'

    Why not just Man Up and pay for what you bidded on if and when you win, not once, twice but three times, a genuine mistake, yea right, then when you receive the items put them back on ebay for sale, that way you might appreciate whats its like to deal with mess'ers.
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