How can I send an anonymous Valentines email/message?

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Found 14th Feb 2008
What is the best way to send an anonymous Valentines message?
There are lots of e-card sites but the cards are awful and too cheesy!
I just want to send an email without disclosing who I am.
I could create a new email (via gmail) but I was wondering if there was any better way?
Cheers guys

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Upon reading all the "reasons" why anyone would want to send an anonymous e-mail I was quite shocked! (Sheltered life I know!) :w00t:

Magic monkkey your reason seems very sweet compared to this lot!

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That's perfect! Thanks! Rep added.

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The sharpmail seems to be better, allowing you to change the name and not just the email etc.
And also allowing replies.
But when I sent a tester to myself, it went in the junk mail which wont be the greatest thing!

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